Castelnuovo al Volturno

Town of Rocchetta a Volturno - Province of Isernia - Molise - ITALIA

Olive grove in Castelnuovo is surrounded by the green landscape of Volturno High Valley. By the end of ‘60s, due to cares and keeping of traditional cultivation methods, it still provides an excellent extra-virgin olive oil 100% organic.


Castelnuovo al Volturno is a small village in Volturno High Valley at 750 m upon sea level (in the town of Rocchetta a Volturno, Isernia province) behind the spring of the same name river. This uncontaminated paradise, set at Mainarde slope, tells the story of a population voted to simple life in the fields and pastures. Territory of Volturno High Valley has always been ideal for olive cultivation due to its morphology and climate.

Olive grove

Olive grove of Castelnuovo al Volturno stands on an area just wider than 1 hectare. It was planted by the end of ‘60s and it is in a good vegetative condition; typologies present are Leccino in 90% and Pendolino – which acts has pollinator – in 10%.

Olive grove location is a site of community interest (S.I.C.) and is always subject to plants care and adjustment in order to get a sustainable and 100% organic extra-virgin olive oil. Growing system is multi-conic vase with 3-4 main branches and implant geometry six per six metres.

Number of plants: 280

Annual yield: 50 q of olives

Method of cultivation: tradtional

Harvest: manual, with the support of reeds

The soil

Area of the town of Rocchetta al Volturno is characterized by a deep soil, with medium dough mostly made of clay. There was a strong pedogenesis and geomorphology presents high slopes of about 35%, however ground stability is ensured by a dense wood of arboreal plants such as Turkey oak and Holm oak, and a thick undergrowth which notably reduces erosion of the rain and reduces speed of runoff.

Average altitude is about 650 m a.s.l.

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