Can I choose typology of olives to produce my own oil?

Yes, if you select subscription to olive grove, it is possible to select location where to rent, olives variety and quantity of oil to get.


Can I choose to cultivate without the use of treatments?

Yes, you can choose whether to use or not organic treatments.


What happens if the quantity of oil exceeds estimated yield of the olive grove? And what if it is lower?

If real yield overcomes estimated yield, you will receive whole amount of production obtained from your olive grove; while if it is lower, you will anyway receive quantity of oil of same quality corresponding to at least 50% of estimated yield.


How long does olive grove rental last?

You can rent an olive grove in every period of the year; subscription expires with olives harvest.


Can I take part to olives harvest?

Of course, we are pleased to welcome you also for pressing and bottling!


Is it possible to get oil without renting olive grove?

Yes, you can directly buy extra-virgin olive oil made from our organic groves.


Can I taste oil before buying?

Yes, you can buy a sample from the shop.


Which payment methods are available?

Sepa Direct Debit (old RID), credit card or PayPal, wire transfer.


Can I pay in instalment?

Instalments are available for olive grove rental and buying of oil for next season. Number of instalments varies according to the months residual to olives harvest.


Does Naturavicina provide other services beside olive grove rental?

Yes, it is also possible to cultivate a garden from remote!

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