How it works

Naturavicina offers an experience of contact with nature, bringing at home its tastes.
Provided services ensure high-quality Italian organic oil made from our groves.

You can choose to rent an olive grove or buy the oil.


1. Rent an olive grove

An organic olive grove is available just for you: you can choose one or more location among those available and type of olives you prefer, specifying quantity of oil you want to get. We will do all necessary works for your olive grove. You can rent an olive grove in every period of the year; subscription expires after olives harvest.

You have the chance to monitor plants in every moment and in real time due to webcams available 24/7 from your account, even during the night by turning on the light! You can also take part to olives harvest in autumn and assist to pressing and bottling.

Get extra-virgin oil made from treatment of your olives with maximum traceability. If real yield exceeds estimated yield, you will receive whole quantity obtained from your olive grove; while if real yield is lower than expected, you will anyway receive same quality oil corresponding to at least 50% of estimated yield.

Rent your olive grove


2. Buying oil

You can buy organic oil 100% Italian made from our olive groves in required quantity. You can acknowledge all territory features and available typologies, together with features of extra-virgin oil which is obtained. Moreover, due to webcam, it is possible to monitor olive groves in every moment, to ensure maximum traceability.

If oil is not available, you can anyway purchase next season harvest which takes place in Autumn.

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3. Our olive groves

Discover where our olive groves are located, territory features and available cultivar. A virtual tour is also possible for every place!

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