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Present contract regulates Terms of use and General sale Conditions for goods and services made available on the website uliveto.naturavicina.it (hereafter called “Olive grove Website“).
Those goods and services are sold by DIBA Bio Innovative Farm Soc. Agr. a r.l. (hereafter called "Naturavicina"), registered office in loc. Brecciara snc and operations office in c.da Camposaccone, both in Macchiagodena town (IS), fiscal number 00941460941 and REA IS-200286. Present contract buckles down only to goods and services sold by Naturavicina through the Website. Please read carefully and understand it before purchasing an order on the Website. Each time user wants to purchase an order, it is required declaration of having read, understood and accepted present Terms and conditions. If user does not accept them, no order of goods and services available on the website can be purchased. Please print and keep a copy of present document for future reference.
Naturavicina is a brand owned by DIBA Bio Innovative Farm Soc. Agr. a r.l.


1. Contact information

It is possible to contact Naturavicina by e-mail at the address info@naturavicina.it, or certified e-mail dibabiofarmsrl@pec.it, by phone at number 0865.1998019 or addressing letters at DIBA Bio Innovative Farm - Loc. Brecciara, snc - 86096 Macchiagodena (IS).


2. Service availability

On Olive grove website it is possible to purchase orders for delivery in Italy, Europe and many other countries in the world.
System is able to automatically compute shipping cost. It is also possible to require a customized quotation to Customers service.


3. Conclusion of purchase agreement

Purchase order declares user’s will to buy goods and services indicated in the order. Purchase order is considered completed at the end of online buying procedure on Olive grove Website. Customer will receive an e-mail of order confirmation indicating order details and identification number.

At conclusion of online purchase agreement, it will be considered completed and fully binding for the customer and for Naturavicina.


4. Services

Available services are:

An olive grove which respects organic protocols is available for you: you can choose one or more locations among those available and type of olive you require, specifying quantity of oil you want to get. We will make all necessary operations for your olive grove treatment. You can rent an olive grove in every period of the year; subscription expires with olives harvest.

You can monitor plants in every moment and in real time due to webcam available 24/7 from your account, also during night by turning on the light! You can also take part to olives harvest in autumn and be present at milling and bottling of your oil.

Receive extra-virgin olive oil from your olives treatment ensuring maximum traceability. If real yield overcomes estimated yield, you will receive the whole yield obtained from your olive grove; while if real yield is lower, you will get same quality oil in a quantity equal to at least 50% of estimated yield.

You can purchase 100% Italian oil obtained from our olive groves, specifying quantity you require. You can acknowledge features of the territory and available typologies, together with characteristics of the extra-virgin oil which is produced. Moreover, due to virtual tour, you can monitor all different olive groves in every moment, to make sure you have maximum traceability.

If oil is not available, you can anyway purchase order for the following harvest season which takes place in autumn.

In section "shop" on website it is possible to purchase samples of extra-virgin olive oil produced from our olive groves located in Molise region as a taste of the oil you will get.


5. Costs

Unless particular agreement between User and Naturavicina, costs for goods and services are those indicated on website. All prices include VAT and shipping cost.

Naturavicina has the authority to revise prices in every moment and without notice. Any eventual variation will not affect contracts signed before the modification.

System can automatically compute shipping cost. It is also possible to require customized quote to Customer Service.


6. Delivery, warranty and risk passage

Naturavicina delivers through:
 a) Express courier within 2-3 working days;
 b) Pick-up on site at operations office in c.da Camposaccone, Macchiagodena (IS).

Shipments are done every week from Monday to Friday, except for public holidays.

Naturavicina sells and delivers Products available on Olive Grove Website only to its Customers and possible representatives who are older than 18 (eighteen) years and in compliance with law and current regulations.

Naturavicina delivers through patented packagings which ensure integrity of products due to their particular features. Delivery is done through national and international couriers which undertake full responsibility of delivery at Customer’s address since taking charge of the products. Therefore Naturavicina does not undertake responsibility for possible damages or behaviors of forwarders.

If you require delivery in a place which is not automatically recognized by our system, please contact Customers Service to compute shipping cost.

In case Naturavicina can’t enable service or deliver products within 30 (thirty) days from the agreed date, Naturavicina will immediately refund Customer within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of refund communication.

Naturavicina cannot be held responsible of failed or late delivery due to force majeure or accidents, such as for example strikes, Public Authority measures, rationing or shortage of energy and primary sources, transport difficulty, fires, floods, flooding and damages to industrial equipment not depending on Naturavicina. Naturavicina will immediately inform Customer about the occurrence and resolution of a force majeure. If force majeure persists for more than 30 (thirty) days, each part can terminate the contract. In case of contract break, Customer has no right of reimbursement or refund, despite right of refund for the amount already paid within 14 (fourteen) days from order purchase.


7. Payment mode

Payment can be done with the following means:
 a) SEPA Direct Debit (ex RID) communicating account holder, IBAN code and user bank;
 b) Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and debt card (eg. PostePay) through online PayPal secure payment gateway;
 c) Wire transfer to "DIBA Bio Innovative Farm Soc. Agr. a r.l." - IBAN: IT61H0311115600000000001775 - BIC BLOPIT2252Y - UBI Banca, Filiale di Isernia;
 d) PayPal account.

According to selected payment mode, it is possible to pay in installments. Number of installments differs according to residual months until olives harvest.
If installments are not paid after the first rate, Naturavicina reserves right to suspend services and deliveries to customer.


8. Limitation of responsibility

Naturavicina, although commits to satisfy customers’ needs, cannot ensure Olive grove Website can always meet needs and won’t have interruptions, includes no mistakes, virus or bugs. Those who visit Olive grove Website must possess proper protection against virus and firewall and they relieve Naturavicina of any responsibility coming from online services use.
Naturavicina will commit to ensure Website will be available 24/7 without interruptions, but cannot be responsible if Olive grove Website won’t be active for whatever reason, in any moment or for any period.
Access to Website can be temporary suspended without notice in case of system fail, maintenance, restore operations or any reason which is not under Naturavicina control.

Naturavicina cannot be responsible for delay in delivery, for oil deterioration during transport or wrong conservation by the customer, despite responsibility for fraud and serious faults and unless what stated by the law.


9. Right of withdrawal

User can withdraw contract within 14 days from its drafting and has no duty to give reason. He must contact Naturavicina by PEC at the address dibabiofarmsrl@pec.it or by registered mail sent to DIBA Bio Innovative Farm - Loc. Brecciara,snc - 86096 Macchiagodena (IS).
Naturavicina will refund user of paid amount within 14 days from withdrawal request receipt with same payment mode used by the customer.

Naturavicina reserves right to refuse an order and/or withdraw contract in the following situations:
a) purchased goods and/or services are no more available;
b) user’s delivery address is not included in the areas available for the service;
c) payment or charge authorization (if payment mode is Sepa Direct Debit) wasn’t received in due time.


10. Privacy


12. Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are sent to user’s device from the website he visits; they are stored in user’s device and then are sent back to same website at the next visit. Those files are used by Naturavicina in compliance with regulations 69/2012 and 70/2012.

Naturavicina uses some cookies to offer a more efficient service, for example to avoid requiring same information in different pages of the website or in consecutive visits.
Other cookies are exploited as instruments of aggregated analysis, such as Google Analytics, which allow to analyse how users exploit website and provide indications to improve services.
In the end, Naturavicina uses cookies of third parties to publish advertisements according to interests and information collected by users during their navigation, such as Google AdWords and FacebookADS.

It is possible to set browser to disable use of cookies through simple steps which however may affect some functions of the Website. Below there are links to guide for the most common browsers.
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As alternative it is possible to surf Naturavicina net in disguise, by removing automatically all cookies at navigation window closing.

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