Macchia d'Isernia

Province of Isernia - Molise - ITALIA

Molise hills where Macchia d’Isernia olive grove is born, is particularly prepared for the cultivation of olives and extra-virgin oil production. Dating back to ‘70s, it preserves sustainable agriculture practices which ensure a top-quality product.


Macchia d’Isernia is a small town in the Province of Isernia located at 360 m u.s.l. Lying on an hill, it stands upon a wide plain crossed by three rivers, Vandra , Cavaliere and Lorda creek, connected to a series of hollows. Territory is differentiated and generous, presenting cultivated fields alternated to woods, among which stands the Selva, and it is fruitfully exploited for the cultivation of olive plants.

Olive grove

The olive grove is located in the town of Macchia d’Isernia and extends for about 8000 mq. It was planted by the end of ‘70s and typologies included are Leccino in 90% and Pendolino in 10%. Growing system is multi-conic vase with 3-4 main branches and implant geometry six per six metres.

Olive grove location is a site of community interest (S.I.C.) and has a good vegetative status. Technology, sustainable agriculture, high-quality food and territory recovery are perfectly combined in this place.

Number of plants: 42

Annual yield: 7 q of olives

Method of cultivation: traditional

Harvest: manual, with the support of reeds

The soil

The territory of Macchia d'Isernia town is characterized by vegetative soil for the first 50 cm; silty deposits with clayey component and numerous heterodimensional stone fragments can be found. In these deposits, silty-sandy layers are detected with flat and crossed laminations. Moreover, at various altitudes, sandy lenses of yellowish color are present. The lithotypes have a summit band with a variable thickness around 0.80 meters, variously degraded.

Average altitude is around 350 m a.s.l.

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